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:: Computer System & Pheripherals

We can provide all types of computer systems and pheripherals for all your I.T. needs.
  • Customize Web/Email servers : Web hosting sever with email/proxy for corporate and personal use.
  • Enhanced Security Firewall with 24hours Intrusion Detection, IP/Domain Blacklisting, & Spam Protection : We can develop and configure secure firewalls for protecting your home and office networks from hackers, DOS(Denial of Service) Attack, bandwith stealing, spammers and IP spoofing.
  • Notebooks/PCs & Software: We can provide your all types of personal computer, notebooks/laptops , tablet PC, handheld/mobile computer, micro atx mini personal computers. We can supply both MS Windows and Linux based operating system and program softwares.
  • Pheripherials & Consumables : We can supply scanner, printer, memory, CPUs, hard drives, monitors, VOIP products, projectors, digital video surveillence/recording system, usb storage devices, digital/IP cameras, UPS, & inkjet/laser cartridges and toners.
As you have noted that we don't have prices/quotes for our systems and other products, because they can vary widely depending on your need. Also the prices of computer hardware keeps dropping at a pace where the price updating can becomes a major preoccupation.

Please call us on 02 95679388 or email us at sales@secureinfosys for all your queries.


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